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Insight™ Technical Education, LLC wants to give your student the edge that they need to be a success.      


Insight™ Technical Education provides high quality self-directed learning materials and tools for introducing vocational, technical, and professional fields and for life enrichment.  


Insight Technical Education specializes in developing books and educational materials that will aid in developing professional and personal skills that will be of benefit today and in the future.  Insight Technical Education also offers tools that support the educational materials.  We are growing and in the process of writing new books continually.  Our books are written by various authors that are experts in their fields.  The other products that we offer are the best possible value.

The books and materials published by Insight Technical Education are specifically designed to be used in a self-paced, self-directed manner, or with minimal educator involvement.  If used by an educator, it is not necessary for the educator to have any prior training in the field covered by the materials.  The intent is to learn by doing, a genuine hands-on approach to learning.  The materials offer quick success that builds confidence and the lessons progress rapidly to ensure growth.  The materials are self-teaching and permission is granted on all relevant pages to make unlimited copies for personal use so practice can make perfect.  Educators, please contact us for special arrangements.  

The books that have been written and published by Insight Technical Education were developed to teach our children.  Is our desire that you and your family will benefit from the use of all of the products that we sell.  If you have any questions or need assistance at any time, please contact us.

The Insight Technical Education product line offers the following benefits:

¬Self-Teaching ¬Quick successes with rapid progressive lessons
¬Self-Paced ¬Great for all learning styles
¬Life Skills ¬Career based subjects


Subjects Offered:

¬Accounting (Practical Accounting Fundamentals™) ¬Technical Sketching 
¬Business (Practical Business Launch™)    > (Complete-A-Sketch™ Orthographic - Vol. 1)
¬Drafting (Practical Drafting™)    > (Complete-A-Sketch™ Isometric - Vol. 2)
¬Graphic Design (Practical Graphic Design™)    > (Complete-A-Sketch™ Perspective - Vol. 3)
0    > (Complete-A-Sketch™ 123™)
0    > (Complete-A-Sketch™ Advanced™)
0    > (Complete-A-Sketch™ Professional)
0 ¬Vision-Dexterity-Focus (Vision-Dexterity-Focus™)



Elementary through High School


Please feel free to browse through our books and products, download some free samples, and learn about what we offer.


Melvin G. Peterman, Publisher of Insight™ Technical Education materials:

Complete-A-Sketch™, Complete-A-Sketch™ Advanced™,  Complete-A-Sketch™ Professional, Complete-A-Sketch™ 123™, Practical Drafting™,  Practical Graphic Design™, Vision-Dexterity-Focus™, and Practical Accounting Fundamentals™, Practical Business Launch™, Project Corner™


Authors: Mel Peterman Paul Bunch Lori Peterman Clay Peterman Ian Peterman

ITE Media Publishing


Acuity Business Services

  IP Contract CAD and Design






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