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Complete-A-Sketch™ Vision-Dexterity-Focus™



Complete-A-Sketch Vision-Dexterity-Focus


Key Benefits:

¬Created specifically to meet vision challenges ¬Hones fine motor skills

¬Teaches by example

¬Life skill

¬Teaches attention to detail

¬Minimal instruction required

¬Provides basis for all types of precision drawings ¬Reproducible for your family

¬Promotes self-directed learning



Vision-Dexterity-Focus™ is a great all-in-one package.  Vision-Dexterity-Focus was developed specifically for the challenged learner, with input from parents and vision therapy professionals. This book contains most of the art used in volumes one through three of the Complete-A-Sketch series with some new and unique art.  It contains orthographic, isometric, and perspective projects.  All of the art is larger, bolder, and has less fine detail so the student can see the lines and intersections clearer.  This Complete-A-Sketch book contains 57 project pages.  It starts at the beginning with two-dimensional shapes and the art becomes more interesting and more involved, then it transitions to simple isometric shapes and builds again, and finally, it transitions to perspectives; again, building on previous experience to complete the book.  This version of Complete-A-Sketch is not a "simplified" version.  It was developed to aid learners that have vision, dexterity, and focus difficulties in order to build confidence and to learn the basics of technical sketching.  Complete-A-Sketch is reproducible for your family; your child can start working with this book at age 5 or 6.  Though not required, this book is a great place for any age group to start.  Written and illustrated by Melvin G. Peterman.



Age / Grade: 5 and up / all

Format: 8 1/2 x 11, paperback

Binding: Gummed, with cover that may be used as a folder

Pages: 57

Lessons: 57

ISBN: 0-9722058-4-5

Item number: CAS-VDF

Price: US$18

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