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Overview of the Insight Technical Education™ books.

Complete-A-Sketch is the book that started our company.  It was initially created so that I could introduce my children to the technical side of art.  There are many art courses available for children.  Complete-A-Sketch is different from all of them.  The unique approach of Complete-A-Sketch allowed me to teach my children to draw what they see.  I think of technical art as a practical art.  It allows the artist to clearly present their ideas to others.  As the old saying goes, "a picture is worth a thousand words."  Now the Insight Technical Education books go beyond technical sketching to drafting, graphic design, accounting, and more.


The skills learned from the Complete-A-Sketch line of products can lead in two directions in terms of career choices that involve art and creativity.  It can lead to drafting, design, and engineering or it can lead to graphic design.  The combination of drafting and graphic design can lead to technical illustration and industrial or product design.  Practical Drafting and Practical Graphic Design were the next logical steps from Complete-A-Sketch.


The production of Practical Drafting started for a number of reasons.  One was the realization that there are many home school families that were putting the Complete-A-Sketch series of books to use and there needed to be more instruction for them to continue to a higher level.  Another reason that Practical Drafting was important for me to complete was because of my personal experiences in the field.  I worked with recent engineering graduates that could not read or make drawings.


From Practical Drafting to Practical Accounting Fundamentals and beyond.  Our product line continues to expand to cover many different areas.  The goal is for each of the subjects to be relevant to career choices, running a business, or simply as life skills.  We work with writers that are experts in their field as well as people that are or have been involved in homeschooling their own children.


Complete-A-Sketch™ series are reproducible (for each family) books that promote the concept of teaching by doing.  The Complete-A-Sketch concept is simple and straightforward.  Each page shows a small, clear, completed picture in the upper left hand corner of the page.  The balance of the page shows the same image with detail and lines missing, showing hints and critical intersections and line ends to define the image to be drawn.  Think of it as a complex dot-to-dot.  Since  Complete-A-Sketch is fully reproducible for your family, everyone can practice as much as they want to.  After successfully completing a sketch, draw it again on a blank sheet of paper.  Complete-A-Sketch aids the student in a number of ways:  Teaches by example, teaches attention to detail, provides basis for all types of precision drawings, promotes self-directed learning, explores free hand and mechanical sketching, hones fine motor skills.  This is a life skill that is fun to learn.  Like all art, it is not age specific.  Rather it is desire, will, and perseverance.  The ages listed are only rough guidelines.  This series also includes a volume called Vision-Dexterity-Focus designed specifically for challenged learners.  Advanced Complete-A-Sketch has been added to this line of books, it introduces many concepts that are used in Practical Drafting and much more!.


Practical Series™ uses the proven hands-on, self-study methods used in the Complete-A-Sketch™ series and portions of certain books are reproducible as it applies.  This learning method is thorough and requires little to no instruction from an instructor.  The basic intent of the Practical Series is to introduce students to the basic principles or concepts needed for specific areas of endeavor that can lead into career paths.  The Practical Series can awaken the student to the possibilities of career options.  Life skills are important to develop and the Practical Series is a great tool to achieve success for your student.  The Practical Series may help direct, change, or set a career path for your student.


Want to read what others have to say about our products?  Read the testimonials and reviews page.


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