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Testimonials & Reviews:

I just want to share a few with you!


I can't tell you how thankful I am for your products!  Our homeschooled 9-year-old son has only wanted to draw using a ruler since he was small.  (At age two this little man of details lined up his orange wedge peels in a perfect row after eating them. Ha!)  However, he has never thought of himself as "artistic". ...  We gave our son Complete-A-Sketch Vols. 1-3 and Advanced for Christmas, along with some French Curves and a flexible curve.  He is already almost done with Volume 1 after just a few days!  ... He is so excited to know that he is "technically" artistic!  Hooray for a product that helps people who have the technical art "bent" to be able to enjoy this God-given gift at a younger age!
The Miller Family


I wanted to let you know the resources arrived last Thursday. It was a struggle to open the parcel before the children! Praise God for building that keenness into their hearts that they enjoy the learning process!  We are thrilled with the appearance of the materials. Thank you for their excellent presentation and the commitment you have obviously shown in fulfilling this calling.
Warm regards,


Thanks so much!  My younger daughter whipped through the first batch of Complete-a-Sketch in just a few days. I know that sounds outrageous, but it’s true. She is definitely not ready for Practical Drafting (she’s only 9) so we were thrilled to hear that you had developed a higher level of Complete-a-Sketch! 

Thank you,

Erika H.


Thank you for the help. I like the book very much and am using it in conjunction with a software based accounting workbook for a high school credit.



A few months ago, you answered many questions for me about your drafting and graphic design courses. I just wanted to let you know that I have purchased both for my older daughter's art education, and she is thrilled to be able to do these rather than a traditional art course. Both of these courses are unique and so well-done. We greatly look forward to using them! Thank you for being a blessing to the homeschool community.



We began the Practical Accounting book last month, and I am amazed at

how well my 9th grader is doing!   My son is really enjoying this course, and he's 15, and doesn't enjoy

MUCH schoolwork. So, KUDOS to you.



Thank you for sharing what you created for your own family with the rest of us! I bought your Complete-A-Sketch  and we are enjoying it. My husband is an engineer, and my oldest boy shows real leanings in that direction. This is an ideal way to practice drawing skills in a fun format. He is 12 years old and is learning the CAD program, loves math, etc. 

Just thought I would say thanks!

Karen, WA


I wanted to first tell you how much our family has enjoyed working through the Complete-A-Sketch series. They have been a wonderful challenge to work through. I am excited to see the newest book, "Graphic Design" and look forward to working with it.  Thank you again for the wonderful materials you offer to us.


Denise, NY


We just love your Practical Accounting Fundaments book.  We would like to order more for ourselves.



You have my son excited about drafting with these products.




You do not know how happy you made me by the discovery of your series...You complete my education with the rest and I thank you.  I will be ordering your whole series as a self education tool,



... I really appreciate your products and perspective. Keep up the good work.




We ordered your (Complete-A-Sketch) Vol 2 and Vol 3 and think they are wonderful!  We are going to order Vol 1 and Practical Drafting from you. 

Thank you!



I just bought the first 2 volumes of CAS (Complete-A-Sketch) and my 7-year old boy is blowing through them.  He finished the first 20 sketches of Vol. 1 the first day - just because!  I'd like to order Vol. 3 (and will do so on the order form), but I wondered if you had anything for him between levels Vol. 3 and the junior high stuff.  Also, have you updated/revised any of this in the last 10 years that I'm missing out on?  I am SO glad to have found you.



Thanks so much for your quick reply. Looks like you'll be getting my order in the mail shortly. : )
Two of my boys have gone through your Complete A Sketch series - and have really liked them.  Thank you for such a good program. My oldest is looking forward to starting the Practical Drafting book and is debating whether or not he wants to get the Practical Graphic Design book too.
Jackie, IL


The reviews are in!

Complete-A-Sketch Series 

Volume 1 – Orthographic, Volume 2 – Isometric, Volume 3 – Perspective:

"...These volumes are not your basic “drawing shapes” workbooks, but rather, they contain a wealth of practical drawing exercises that lead your child to excellence in technical art. Each volume introduces different aspects of technical art by means of teaching by example, promoting attention to detail, self directed learning, and all the while sharpening their fine motor skills... ...Each one of these Complete-A-Sketch workbooks in the series can stand alone or be used as a precursor to a higher level workbook, eventually leading up to Practical Drafting for your junior high or high school students."

    Home School Enrichment November 2006


"These workbooks are what I call “real world learning.” They are not only enjoyable, but look very professional when completed. Your children are learning something that they can take with them into adulthood which will benefit them in a huge variety of occupational fields. They will be learning design, order, neatness, precision, attention to detail, and producing a technical piece of art and will be doing so with excellence."

    The Homeschool magazine.com April 2006


Complete-A-Sketch™ Advanced™

Have you ever come across product that seemed so simple you wondered why nobody thought of it sooner? That's how I felt when I looked at these programs. The Complete-a-Sketch modules make so much sense and make learning to draw so easy that you'll wonder why other drawing programs don't use this technique more, if they do at all. No prior experience is necessary to begin using these programs, and they are not operating-system-specific. All you need is Adobe Acrobat Reader 7 (or higher) in order to print off the pictures…  ...I have never been artistically inclined but I could draw realistic-looking freehand pictures after doing the lined drawings, so I'm hooked... …If you consider yourself less than artistically inclined or have children who have not inherited our drawing talent, you will definitely want to check out Complete-a-Sketch. Not only is this an excellent value for the money, but this is also the best program I have seen so far for learning to draw.

   Practical Homeschooling November / December 2008



"Vision-Dexterity-Focus from the Complete-A-Sketch series is a fun course which will take your home education art class to a new level. This technical art course is a great way to introduce types of precision drawing to your more challenged artists. It will also open up an exciting new avenue of learning to other students in the art room... ...If art class has been a source of stress for you or your children in the past, Melvin Peterman may have the perfect solution. His simple series has the potential to ease anxiety, encourage learning, and develop a new passion for drawing in students and teachers alike."


"If you have a challenged learner, the Vision-Dexterity-Focus workbook takes various projects from all of the workbooks above and puts them all together in a bigger, bolder, clearer format. This book was actually developed with input from both vision therapy professionals and parents to help those who may have vision, dexterity or focus difficulties..."

    The Homeschool magazine.com April 2006


"...Surprise! The only thing intimidating about technical drawing is its name. All it means is learning the appropriate techniques to draw your ideas for yourself and others. The techniques are simple enough that even a five-year-old can learn them."

   Practical Homeschooling January / February 2003


"...Josiah (now 8) went crazy over working through the assignment, and saw quite an improvement in his ability to draw what he sees..."

   The Old Schoolhouse  January / February 2003



Practical Drafting

"...Not everything that you need for engineering drafting is found in this series, but it comes very close -- if you haven't covered it in here, you'll be well prepared to understand and learn it."

    Practical Homeschooling January / February 2003


"...This series is also an excellent introduction to the techniques and skills needed to use CAD programs for computer-generated technical drawings...I think that anyone with an interest in technical drawing would find this series an outstanding introduction to a complicated field."

   The Old Schoolhouse January / February 2003


"...The Practical Drafting workbook would certainly build on what a student has learned in the Complete-A-Sketch series, in that, when they have been successful at the beginning level of technical art offered, they will be ahead of the game in familiarity and practice when beginning Practical Drafting. However, this book is designed to stand alone as well. You don’t need to have completed the other series to begin this workbook. If you have an older child who enjoys art and all things technical, then you could place them directly into the Practical Drafting workbook with no problem. My husband is going through it all with our 14 year-old, 9th grade son who is an artistic and hands-on mechanical kid, making this a good fit... ...If you have a teen that is technical, hands-on, mechanical or construction minded, and/or likes art, I would highly recommend they go through this Practical Drafting Workbook. Although we don’t know what occupational field our own son will enter, we are confident he will be better prepared for a majority of jobs because of this experience with Practical Drafting. It has the feel of a complete college level course, yet has the ease of use and student self-direction that would excel in the homeschool environment for any of your junior or senior high school aged children."

    The Homeschool magazine.com April 2006


Complete-A-Sketch and Practical Drafting Workbook

"If you want to develop your child’s attention to detail, hone their analytical and fine-motor skills, broaden their interest in art, and add a unique elective to your homeschool education, then Melvin G. Peterman’s Complete-A-Sketch and Practical Drafting Workbook art series may be just what you need.


Mr. Peterman originally designed this course for his own children. His goal was to train their hands to draw what their eye’s saw. He achieved this through a series of progressive exercises which take a child from the most elementary understanding of art to more advanced, technical aspects...


The value of this course goes beyond entertainment or art appreciation. It presents a practical side of drawing by introducing principles of architecture, piping, electrical and mechanical machinery. Practical Drafting also strengthens a student’s understanding of Geometry. This curriculum has the ability to engage a learner’s mind in a variety of new ways.


Complete-A-Sketch and Practical Drafting are fun courses which will take your home education Art class to a new level. The workbooks are self-directed which enhances their appeal all the more. Further, the author has graciously given copy right permission (for home use only) so that the aspiring artist may make as many practice copies as needed. Whether your student(s) seem to have a natural talent for drawing or not, this highly recommended course may open up an exciting new avenue of learning to everyone in the art room."

   Home School Enrichment November / December 2005


Practical Accounting Fundamentals

In the Dark Ages when we were going to government schools, those of us who were “good” in math took advanced mathematics in high school and often missed the essential life skill of basic accounting. Not wanting to repeat this mistake in my students’ education, as I want them to be able to run their own businesses, perform bookkeeping tasks, and complete tax forms, I was excited to review Practical Accounting Fundamentals.


The author, Lori Peterman, has put together a sharp-looking softcover textbook that is user-friendly and seems to cover all the bases. The 21 lessons start with “What is Accounting” and finish with “Payroll.” In between are the crucial lessons such as “Balance Sheets,” “Cash Flow,” “Posting to Ledger,” “Receivables,” “Inventory,” and “Other Forms of Business.” Each lesson has a discussion of the topic and then exercises to practice. Three tests are included, one after each set of seven lessons. An answer key is at the back, along with a resource listing of organizations, publications, and where to look for other information.


Lori Peterman has done a great job of making what might be an intimidating subject very easy and forthright. Her spreadsheets and charts, interspersed throughout the text, make the subject clear and logical. The exercises reinforce the learning step by step. In addition to the text, the student will need four-column ledger paper, a ten-key printing calculator, or a computer spreadsheet program like Lotus 1-2-3 or Microsoft Excel to complete the accounting work. The format is step-by-step, self-paced, and self-teaching.


I plan to have my high-school senior use this textbook for a one-semester class. She may be able to do Algebra II, but we also want her to be business savvy. I look forward to learning alongside her to fill in the many gaps of my own accounting abilities.

    Home School Enrichment December 2009


"...Insight Technical Education is becoming synonymous with workbooks that simply and concisely teach practical skills...  You'll get a complete enough introduction to help you decide if a career of bookkeeping or accounting should be in your future."

   Practical Homeschooling May / June 2005


"Practical Accounting Fundamentals is a self-taught, step-by-step accounting. Geared for ages 13 through adult, the book begins with an explanation of what accounting is and ends with a description of various business forms and a brief introduction to payroll. The program is devised so that, once finished, the student will have the skills needed to set up a basic accounting system for either personal or small business use.


Having earned an Associate of Science in Accounting degree myself, I must say that I am impressed with this program. It truly covers what you actually USE in "the real world". A small business owner successfully working through this book would be equipped to successfully handle their own book keeping...


The program is introduces small, clearly explained concepts lesson-by-lesson. Each lesson, which is only a few pages long includes an explanation of the concept, examples, and an exercise...  Exercises are incremental and build logically on one another. The student learns to set up an income statement, balance sheet and record journal entries as well as deal with payables, receivables, marketable securities and more...


I am honestly quite impressed with this program and most definitely intend on using it with my children when they are older. Accounting is not always easy to explain in clear, concise, understandable language. This program does a good job of that as well as dealing with the information students will truly need to use in their business or personal financial lives.

   The Old Schoolhouse November / December 2005


Practical Graphic Design

"This is another excellent offering from Insight Technical Education. The primary author is a homeschool father and a successful graphic designer. The forward states: “Practical Graphic Design was written to open your eyes to the concepts and work that is required to produce brochures, websites, and to other graphic works. Graphic design is used in marketing and sales efforts, information, news, etc... ...Why wait until your child is in college to learn great graphic design? Save time and money and start them in this course as a junior or senior high student. If you have a child that loves computer technical stuff and is interested in design, Practical Graphic Design is the perfect fit. It’s fitting extremely well in our little schoolhouse!

   The Old Schoolhouse April 2006


"If a picture is worth a thousand words, then graphic design is what makes sure that both the pictures and words get noticed. Whether it's for a report, a newsletter, a website, a brochure, a book, or an ad, certain tried and true techniques and principles that you can learn will help you and/or your children put together visually appealing layouts - a skill that today is practically a necessity... ...This is the sort of book that is both enjoyable and educational. Sure, you can use it to teach your children the basics, but they will probably hang on to it as a reference later on, too."

   Practical Homeschooling March 2008 #81


General comments about several of our books...

"For older and advanced students, supplement building toys with a course in drafting. Insight Technical Education has a created some fantastic resources for this purpose, Practical Drafting, Complete-a-Sketch, and PracticalGraphic Design. My eleven-year-old son loved the simple, step-by-step approach. Being able to sketch out his ideas for a battle machine was a great delight to him after barely even getting started

in the course. “After you are done working your way through it,” he said, “you can plan a garden, sketch a treehouse, make blueprints for a house, sketch an imaginary secret cave, design a ship, or anything else that can be done with pencils and paper.” Available at www.sixbranches.com."

   Homeschooling Today September/October 2008



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